Healthcare Payer Systems Are Critical to Profitability

healthcare payer systemsChange is an inevitability in the Healthcare Payer market. Organizations that properly harness technology while navigating those changes, will be market leaders. We are dedicated to working with Healthcare Payers at all functional levels. Our expert staff is focused on helping you adapt to change while ensuring underlying systems support the mission. 

With nearly 30 years of experience and expert knowledge of the most complex Health Payer systems and processes, Upp’s team of experts can assist with:

Roadmap, Pre- and Post-Implementation
Whether you are looking towards a new Cloud-based system or enhancing existing technology, Upp Technology will provide the necessary insight to make clear financial and strategic decisions. We design new systems that provide a competitive advantage and support on-going change.

Core Administration Systems

  • TriZetto®
  • HealthEdge®
  • SAP®
  • Oracle®
  • Homegrown Systems

Analysis, Configuration and Development


Innovative Technology Solutions